Toolkit for Organisers

The Earth Summit Dialogues aimed to bring together Canadians from across the country who are passionate about sustainability, or who are simply curious to learn more about it. The dialogues captured Canadian priorities and raised awareness of our three policy recommendations proposed to the Canadian government. A dialogue blitz was held across Canada from April 15 to May 15. Our goal was to reach 2,000 Canadians. The results from the dialogues were presented in a report at the conference in Rio de Janeiro. We wanted to show the world that Canadians are fair and forward-thinking and you can help us by sharing your ideas and thoughts.

There were three dialogue topics that we offered for discussion that were related to the three policies we proposed to be our national strategy for the Rio+20 conference:

You are welcome to download the dialogue toolkit and the discussion guides to get a better idea of our approach, or if you are considering of creating a similar project in your organisation. Feel free to contact us with questions!