“I joined We Canada because I was inspired by others. It’s about making a commitment to do what you can, making a thoughtful effort to live a little better, and sharing that with others without expectations. You don’t have to give up life, you don’t have to stop having fun. It’s about keeping others, and the planet, in mind. Becoming part of a movement is so encouraging, and that movement starts with me.”

Aleks PaunovicAleks Paunovic was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 29, 1969. He started his professional acting career while partaking in his other two passions: boxing and music. Aleks was playing in a rock band and, while on stage, he got asked to audition for the HBO movie Heads. After getting his first job on his first audition, the acting bug bit him. Aleks started to write a sci-fi series with a good friend that lived in Vancouver. After garnering some attention in Hollywood, he dropped everything in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver to pursue not only a writing career, but also his new passion for acting.

Aleks Paunovic can be seen in a number of highly acclaimed science fiction TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Smallville and Eureka. His favorite part was the role of Sergeant Omar Fischer in Battlestar Galactica, not only because his best friend Tahmoh Penikett is on the show, but also because he got to play a role where he could use his boxing experience , and be the boxing coordinator on few episodes. After all, he was the Canadian amateur boxing champion !

This year we can see him starring in Personal Effects alongside Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfieffer, and Kathy Bates, in one of the most challenging roles he’s ever done. His character is a developmentally disabled man who’s put on trial for the murder of Ashton Kutcher’s character’s sister.