“I grew up in a small town on Prince Edward Island, went to a one-room schoolhouse, picked blueberries for fun, and played with the farm animals “next door.” I was forever optimistic about the world at large, until I spent more time in it. As a new mother, I want my son to be able to enjoy a future that is filled with hope. In order to do this, we all need to work together to make sure we protect this precious planet starting today.”

Amber Mac

Amber Mac is a technology host, journalist, and strategist, with experience both online and offline. She writes a regular column for The Globe & Mail, Yahoo! Tech, American Express Open Forum, among other outlets. She has worked as a technology TV host with tech guru Leo Laporte on G4TechTV, hosting/producing more than 500 episodes of a popular how- to call-in show. She now hosts a live TV show called Webnation on Toronto’s number one news station (

While working for the most popular technology channel in the world, she launched and hosted/produced a weekly half-hour gadget show and a weekly one-hour viral video show. Amber has also worked as a daily technology TV news journalist at Citytv and CBC, both national TV stations.

Amber Mac for We CanadaOnline, she has spearheaded two successful podcasts, net@night on the popular San Francisco network and Both shows have been featured in Wired magazine and have won a number of podcast awards (and are still in production, reaching approximately 100,000 viewers and listeners a week).

She maintains a popular blog (here) and speaks exclusively with The Lavin Agency at keynotes across North America about how to use social media to build a sense of community and customer loyalty online. In June 2010, Amber launched her first book about how to use social media to grow your business. Power Friending was published by Portfolio/Penguin in New York.

Amber currently manages a production and news media company called MGImedia. Her clients include world- renowned speaker Tony Robbins, Rogers, Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Canada Goose, and the American Dental Association, among others.