Anique Granger

With her home-made songs, her stories, and her melodies sweet enough to be preserved in mason jars, Anique Granger is making the most of her talents. Recently honoured by the SPACQ Foundation, Anique Granger has been a presence on the Francophone music scene since her beginnings in 1995 as co-founder of the duo Polly-Esther. A solo artist since 2005, she has appeared across the country as well as in Europe. Anique stood out as the recipient of a Trille-Or prize for best Western-Canadian artist and as a nominee at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Her gaze is piercing, her shyness charming, her humour surprising—and her guitar reveals her nimble fingerstyle playing!

In Pépins, her first solo project, she used the natural world and its images to express a desire for change. Her second album, Les outils qu’on a, reveals an artist who wishes to build everything and who shapes her songs, as well as her life, in the image of her values.