We Canada offers sponsors the opportunity to be recognized alongside a remarkable selection of noted speakers, industry leaders, and key decision-makers from across Canada. Sponsorship attracts the attention of We Canada’s supporters and sparks curiosity and interest from companies, organizations, and potential clients. Create new and diverse opportunities for your company in the growing markets of the green economy by aligning your company with this unique and energetic group of sustainability advocates!

We Canada is looking to partner with businesses that are leading the shift toward a sustainable economy and companies that engage in sustainable business practices. Does your company incorporate sustainability into its business practices? Utilise sustainable production methods? Take steps to minimise its Ecological Footprint? Have a clientele that cares about the environmental and social impacts of their purchases and your practices? If so, you qualify to become a We Canada Sponsor!

Contact Dwayne Appleby, the funding and sponsorships director, for a sponsorship package.