Marie-Pierre Daigle, National Director

Marie-Pierre Daigle, National Director“We can change the world by sharing our passions with people who surround us.”
Marie-Pierre has worked as the Youth Caucus Coordinator of the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) as well as for the Sierra Youth Coalition’s Sustainable High Schools Project, where she worked with youth leaders. Marie-Pierre also advocates for Francophones’ rights as well as bilingualism, a reflection of her province of origin, New Brunswick. One of her passions being languages, she speaks Spanish and holds a degree in International Studies and Modern Languages with a Minor in Russian from the University of Ottawa. E-mail Marie-Pierre.


Raili Lakanen, Policy Director

Raili Lakanen, Policy Director“We can develop community-based solutions that respect local conditions, while reminding ourselves we’re part of the global ecosystem.”
Raili Lakanen is the Policy Development Director for We Canada and a doctoral student in the Program in Planning at the University of Toronto. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Toronto, and her Honours Bachelor degree from Queen’s University, where she was co-chair of the Queen’s Earth Centre for two years. Raili has been a member of the Canadian Environmental Network’s Youth Caucus Steering Committee and has represented youth at the United Nations, notably as a member of the 2010 Canadian Youth Delegation to the international climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. E-mail Raili.


Dwayne Appleby, Funding Director

Dwayne Appleby, Funding Director“We can remember that when we change ourselves, we change our world.”
Dwayne holds a BA in International Studies and a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development from SFU. He is passionate about finding innovative ways to create sustainable development opportunities both locally and in the developing world. Dwayne has contributed to Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 dialogue on reducing the city’s food-related carbon footprint. He is an associate with the One Earth Initiative and a volunteer in UNICEF’s Global Classroom project. E-mail Dwayne. Dwayne on Twitter.


Victoria Wee, Youth Engagement Director

Victoria Wee, Youth Engagement Director“We can shape the future we want to see as youth, and for youth.”
Victoria is We Canada’s Youth Engagement Director and the lead organizer of We Canada’s cross-country tour: Dialogues and Action for Earth Summit 2012. She is a member of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Youth Leadership Council and the Canadian Environmental Network’s Youth Advisory Board. An Arctic sustainability advocate, Victoria coordinated an international youth declaration to the Arctic Council in 2011, and currently chairs the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Working Group working to widen youth engagement opportunities in the Arctic Council. Victoria was a facilitator at the United Nations Tunza Children and Youth Conference in Bandung, Indonesia and is the initiative’s focal point to the Road to Rio+20 Coalition. E-mail Victoria. Victoria on Twitter.


 Yassin Ziane, Communications Director

Yassin Zaine, Social media Coordinator “We can shift our position in the international community and become frontrunners in pursuing a better tomorrow now.” 
Yassin Ziane is a recent graduate of Social Sciences and Education. He enjoys the simplicities of life and the company of friends. Currently, he volunteers for NGOs with a focus on human equality and accountability. His focus is to educate members of society in pursuing a progressive approach to global development and awareness.


Chris Ng, Logistics Manager

“We can stop ignoring what has happened, what is happening and what will happen to our one Earth”.
Chris is a software developer who doubles as an ardent environmentalist. He pursues a Bachelors of Science in Computing Science degree at Simon Fraser University. He is one of the co-creators of the Typasaurous iPhone App. Chris is an obsessive-compulsive, philosophy-loving, vegetarian book worm. He posits that sustainable development doesn’t come from knowing what to buy and what not to buy. Rather, it is a lifestyle wherein we collectively “lower our economic expectations – not increase what we buy and be lulled into believing that what is now on the shelves is all OK”. E-mail Chris. Chris on Twitter.


Sydney Grieve, Executive Assistant to the National Director

Sydney Grieve, Executive Assistant to the National Director“We can put sustainability at the forefront of the political agenda”
Sydney works as the Executive Assistant to the National Director of We Canada. She is a recent graduate of Carleton University’s Public Affairs and Policy Management program with a specialization in International Studies. Sydney completed her undergraduate thesis on governance and sustainable development with a focus on the Arctic region. A previous intern at the Climate Action Network, she has gained valuable knowledge of domestic environmental policy and experience in the promotion of public awareness concerning environmental justice. E-mail Sydney.


Aleksandra Nasteska, Co-founder

Aleksandra Nasteska, Communications Director“We can turn the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle choice”.
Aleksandra co-founded We Canada with the One Earth team, and led the campaign’s communications arm. Her career in media began as a correspondent for youth-culture shows on national networks. She is an associate at One Earth and steering committee member for the United Nations Tunza International Youth and Children Conference 2011.


Vanessa Timmer, Strategic Planning and Policy

Vanessa Timmer, Strategic Planning and Policy“We can live according to the Earth Charter.”
Vanessa Timmer is an advisor to the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition, We Canada co-founder and an Executive Director of the One Earth Initiative Society. She holds a PhD in Environmental Change and Management. She is a co-host of “The Sustainable Region” TV show, and teaches, writes and speaks about sustainability, systems thinking, social change and governance. E-mail Vanessa.


Dagmar Timmer, Strategic Planning and Policy

Dagmar Timmer, Strategic Planning and Policy“We can support biodiversity and create habitats for other species.”
Dagmar Timmer is an advisor to the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition and We Canada co-founder. She is Manager – Strategic Initiatives for the One Earth Initiative Society and co-host of “The Sustainable Region” TV show. She is an Associate of the International Institute for Sustainable Development and an Associate of Simon Fraser University. Previously, she worked on global forest management and conservation, based in Switzerland and Kenya. E-mail Dagmar.


Emmanuel Prinet, Strategic Planning and Policy

Emmanuel Prinet, Strategic Planning and Policy“We can reduce our ecological footprint and create better lives and livelihoods for all.”
Emmanuel Prinet is We Canada co-founder and Policy Director at the One Earth Initiative, a non-profit ‘think-and-do-tank’ based in Vancouver, Canada, that promotes sustainable consumption and production at the local, national and international levels. He holds an MSc in planning from the University of British Columbia, and his area of expertise is on understanding the concept of sustainability, ecological economics, sustainable production and consumption and green urban design. E-mail Emmanuel. Emmanuel on Twitter.