Policy Development

Betsy Agar, Canadian Earth Summit Coalition Coordinator

Betsy Agar, Coalition Coordinator “Canadians are privileged: We can, so we must!”
Betsy believes that having been born in Canada was just plain lucky and Canadians have no more right to a just, safe, and healthy world than anyone else. Betsy joined We Canada as a writer but recently took on the role of Canadian Earth Summit Coalition Partner Coordinator. She has a range of experiences with sustainable development, that span from her career in engineering to her current writing and editing activities. Betsy is currently a part-time student at Capilano University, because school just never quite seems to be finished…

Sara Brown, Measuring What Matters Chair

“We can create cities where humanity and nature exist in harmony.”
Originally from California, Sara is working towards a Diploma in Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Her environmental passions include food systems, education, and humanity’s impact on Earth’s resources. In 2009, she served on the California Department of Education’s curriculum review board for the Environmental Education Initiative. Sara holds an MA in International Relations from The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. Email Sara.

Floris Ensink, Getting the Prices Right Chair

“We can see for ourselves the richness and beauty of life on earth, and decide together what to do with it.”
Floris has an education in nature conservation and worked on nature policy for a provincial government and for the ministry of agriculture in the Netherlands. He’s been living in Montreal for five years now, working for several environmental NGOs, while finishing a masters degree in Environment, health and disaster management.

Sasha Caldera, Making Trade Fair Chair

Sasha Caldera is a Simon Fraser University (SFU) alumnus and holds a degree in Political Science and an extended minor in Economics. Sasha is currently pushing SFU in becoming a Fair Trade Campus. Sasha co-founded Fair Trade Vancouver, a NGO which transformed the City of Vancouver into Canada’s first major Fair Trade City. Sasha chaired a national working group with the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition tasked with reforming Canada’s Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS).Sasha is completing his MA in International and Intercultural Communication at Royal Roads University.

Andrea McArthur, Funding Coordinator

“We can create a culture of sustainable development.”
Andrea McArthur has a diverse background in nonprofit having worked with both humanitarian and environmental organizations in the areas of youth engagement and public outreach. She also holds an MSW from Wilfrid Laurier University where she mainly worked in a research capacity for both government and academic institutions. Andrea currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario and travels to New Brunswick every Summer where she visits family and hikes along the Bay of Fundy.

Lauren Harrison, Policy Analyst

“We can inspire youth to make a positive impact on our environment.”
Lauren Harrison studies at the University of Waterloo where she is pursuing a B.Sc in Environmental Science. She worked with Protect Our Water and Resources (P.O.W.E.R) for the past 2 years to prepare for COP-10 and raise environmental awareness to youth in her area. Lauren recently received a position on the Canadian Environmental Network youth steering committee and is the Environmental Commissioner for the University of Waterloo’s Federation of Students.

Raseel Sehmi, Policy Analyst

“We can forget our differences and work towards one communal cause – protecting the environment!” Raseel is a MSc. Graduate with three years of work experience invested in developing communications and building strategic global and local partnerships for the United Nations and various non-profit organizations dealing with social development and environmental sustainability. She self-identifies as a citizen of the world as she has lived in numerous countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Email Raseel raseel@earthsummit.ca.

Catherine Gucciardi Garcez, Brazil-Canada Relations

“We can choose to ensure that present and future generations enjoy equitable quality of life while preserving the splendours of our Earth’s ecosystems.”
Catherine is a PhD student at the Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Brasilia and is working with the Brazilian Research Network on Global Climate Change. She was an advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Energy. Catherine has a degree in Engineering and a certificate in Environmental Management from the University of Toronto.

Elissa Liu, Social Organisations

“We can make a difference.” Elissa was born in China and raised in Canada. She is currently a third year environmental science student at the University of British Columbia. Her areas of concentration include sustainability and environmental policies. As a student, Elissa has been involved in environmental discussions that work towards helping the world become a more sustainable place.

Corinne Olson, Business Organisations

“We can set the standard for international sustainable business ventures and redefine what it means to be profitable fairly.”
Corinne Olson, P.Eng, is a Process Engineer in Edmonton. She is a passionate, inspirational public speaker, recently presenting at SUNIA, and the Global Conference for Peace and Human Rights. She has championed many corporate initiatives surrounding Social Responsibility and Aboriginal Affairs. Recent experience includes a 1 year volunteer position in Dhaka, Bangladesh working in education. In Edmonton, she is involved with Junior Achievement and the United Way.