Ken McCarty, Creative Director

Ken McKarthy, Creative Director“We can be a new kind of voice at Earth Summit 2012.”
Ken McCarty is the Principal and Creative Director for Pearly& White Communications, a boutique agency focused on strategic brand development and creative execution. He began his career as Art Director with the Communiqué Group in Toronto. For five years there, Ken created brands and executed campaigns for Microsoft, The TTC and Adidas among others. In 2004 Ken began his own venture now known as Pearly&White Communications where his experience continues to grow; guiding brands such as the The British Columbia Wine Institute, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Prism Engineering and, now proudly, the We Canada campaign.

Rebecca Peel, Digital Strategist

Rebecca Peel, Digital Strategist “We can foster new relationships between people and organizations creating catalysts in the cultural paradigm shift we need.” 
Rebecca is an Africa Program Staff with Engineers Without Borders. She is currently living in Ghana working with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to improve education processes within the Agricultural Colleges. She is passionate about the power of digital media in creating new connections between individuals, civil societies and governments and has worked with several NGOs to design strategic plans leveraging social networks for social change.

Alexandra Lucchesi, Editor-In-Chief

Alexandra Luchessi, Editor In Chief “We can inform one another as a united world, for one earth.”
Alexandra Lucchesi is a writer, musician and activist for our health and for a better world. Born and raised in Ontario, she studied Journalism at the University of Toronto, pursuing several opportunities as a writer, editor and volunteer broadcaster. With experience in travel and a passion for volunteerism, her pursuit with sustainability is one that stems from a hope for the future and a belief in positive change.

Sean Burgess, Communications Intern

“We can bring our ideas to new heights at Earth Summit of 2012!”
Born and raised in Aylmer Québec, Sean is an avid hockey fan with a passion for politics. He is also a communications student, currently finishing his BA at the University of Ottawa. Sean welcomes this opportunity to work with We Canada and is excited to be part of an environmental organization that will have a huge impact in the lives of Canadians.


Kristy Franks, Tour Facilitator

“We can learn from the Earth’s natural systems and live in better harmony with all living beings!”
Kristy Franks’ environmental activism began at 12 years old when she founded a children’s group called the HOME (Help Our Mother Earth) club. A decade later she graduated from the McGill School of Environment and then years later cofounded a community group called Canal Bleu who regularly cleans up the Lachine Canal in Montreal. Many people identify her as “the Smoothie girl”, a reputation that stems from her energy-awareness project involving bikes that are connected to blenders which offer people the chance to use pedal power to mix Smoothies. Kristy’s passion is currently directed towards water issues and she is looking to study water justice and water ethics. She presently works at Canada World Youth where she coordinates sustainable development projects including their Rio+20 initiative.

Eryn Stewart, Tour Coordinator

Eryn Stewart, Tour Coordinator“We can re-fine environmental and social initiatives in businesses to align with stakeholder needs around the world.” 
Eryn Stewart is a student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Environment and Business. She has spearheaded many student engagement activities in her role as Sustainability Coordinator and President of the student society. Eryn has also advocated environmental awareness on her missionary trip to Guatemala. She is working for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development where she assists in writing environmental policy and legislation.

Ian Lee, Tour Coordinator

Ian Lee, Tour Coordinator“We can realize a sustainable Canada today.” 
Ian Lee is an Economics student at Concordia University College of Alberta, focusing on International and Developmental Economics. Born and raised in Edmonton on wealth generated by Alberta Oil, he has a first hand look at the economic strength of Canadian industry and the overwhelming destructiveness of it left unchecked. He believes that reconciling these aspects and setting Canada on a path of sustainable development will make Canada a model nation for success and sustainability. Ian is an energetic, hands-on learner who is determined to make sustainability the norm amongst his peers and Canada’s youth.

Marina Hutton, Tour Coordinator

Marina Hutton, Tour Coordinator“We can exercise our own influence to motivate other to take action towards a more sustainable world, for with every positive influence we make a difference.”
Marina Hutton is currently a student at Concordia University College of Alberta, as well as Vice-President of Internal Affairs of the Students’ Association. She spent this past summer in Vietnam volunteering with the World University Service of Canada’s international seminar, which focused on researching “Socio-Economic Development and Youth in the Work Force”.

Alajca Jade, Tour Coordinator

“We can take care of our earth by making sustainable choices in business and our day-to-day lives; as well as influencing others to follow suite.”
Alacja is currently working on her Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Concordia University College of Alberta. From a young age she has been passionate about people and the environment, and is committed to protecting them. She has a background in sales, excellent communication skills, and is going on four years experience in MUN simulations.

Social Media

Ioana Stoica, Social Media Coordinator

“We can elevate the world to greatness by mobilizing and fighting for the future we want.”
Ioana has a degree in International Marketing and Trade from Carleton University and works in Toronto as a Marketing professional. She is passionate about making a difference in the areas of education, sustainable development and the fair treatment of animals. Born and raised in Romania, Ioana moved to Toronto in 1996 and has been an avid world traveler since.

Zack Larmand, Social Media

“We can consciously alter the social, political, and economical sources of damage caused to our natural environment.”
Being born in raised in small town Ontario the importance of the environment was made clear at an early age. An education in political theory followed by the study of the nonprofit sector created a thirst to reframe some significant issues. Intellectual and environmental change starts and finishes with organizational networks.

Jay Linden, Social Media

Jay Linden, Social Media“We can return our planet in good shape to the people we are renting it from – our children.” 
Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Jay Linden has been everything from a PR practitioner to a project manager and IT Architect. He’s also a singer-songwriter with two CDs out. He’s a strong believer in environmental responsibility and delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

Kat Sieniuc, Blogger

“We can give voice to people and their communities so they can better advocate for policies that will positively impact their lives.”
Kat is a student, writer, and environmentalist. From Vancouver BC, she grew up in a house situated along the ocean, at the foot of mountains, and across the street from forest. It is no surprise that she has had a passion for protecting the environment from a young age. Her father taught her to respect the sacred balance between the earth, its natural systems, and the people who inhabit it. She plans to use this philosophy to make positive contributions toward a sustainable future.

Public Relations

Chantele Sitaram, Press Release Officer

“We can create a beautiful future for our planet by making our voices heard.”
Chantele is a student who is studying Psychology and Political Science at the University of Toronto. She hopes to attend law school after her undergrad. Chantele strongly believes in human and animal rights and hopes to spread awareness about the many ways in which we can create a sustainable future for our planet and ourselves.

Julie Hartman, Press Release Officer

“We can generate intelligent conversation on how to promote and maintain biodiversity.”
Julie is a recent uWaterloo grad specializing in Digital Media. While she loves the allure of well put together words, her passion is in the persuasive ability of that which is appropriately edited and well designed. She is a yogi and raw foodist who believes the grassroots of sustainable living stems from personal accountability and the desire to make socially responsible decisions.

Christopher Haddlesey, Press Release Officer

“We can make our voices heard.”
Christopher Haddlesey is a PR specialist who earned his BA at the University of Toronto, and his Communications certificate at Seneca College. With a passion for writing, he is always looking for his next project. Christopher is currently working at G4BOX, a small video game publisher.

Vanessa Sokol, Translator

Vanessa Sokol, Translator“We can make our one planet a top priority.”
Vanessa is in her final year of a BA in French-English Translation, with a minor in French, at the University of Ottawa. She has been working as an English translator and reviser for We Canada since May 2011. Vanessa has long been inspired by the natural world and the relationship between humans and the environment. She enjoys hiking, writing, reading, and art.

Media Production

Miles Clark, Photographer

Miles Clark, Photographer“We can join together to make this a better world for everyone.”
Miles Clark was born and raised in London England. Coming from a strong artistic background he knows how important it is for people to see a visual image of the damage we are doing to the world. Words can only say so much but the importance of visual images to allow people be be visually shocked and create world wide movement to recover from the carbon footprint we have already embedded is vitally important.

Melanie Boileau, Photographer

Melanie Boileau, Photographer Born in Cornwall, Ontario now currently living in Ottawa, Melanie graduated from the Photography Diploma program at Algonquin College in 2008. She specializes in weddings and portraits with her company Melanie Boileau Photographer. You can check out her photography portfolio here.

Gabriel Forezli, Video Production

Gabriel Forezli, Video Production“We can come together as a world and live in peace and harmony with our planet”. 
Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Gabriel Forezli, graduated from BCIT in TV Broadcasting and Communications in 2010. He is currently directing and co-producing The Big Picture. Besides being well travelled, Gabriel believes in making a difference in the world by helping others.

Tyler Blacquiere, Video Production

“We can create a world where concern for the environment is a forethought – not an afterthought”. 
Tyler is a Social Change Fellow at Engineers Without Borders. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Peace and Conflict Studies program, his true interest lies in using creative media to express his thoughts and ideas. He is a strong believer in the power of laughter, and someday hopes to use this in starting his own videography company that caters to the needs of social justice organizations.

Justin Ritchie, Video Production

“We can have a realistic and accessible discussion about the fundamental values of our culture”.
Justin Ritchie is working towards his PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Systems at UBC while studying issues of energy and society. He co-hosts the Extraenvironmentalist podcast to facilitates dialogue on sustainability issues which is syndicated across Canada.

Sean Kravetsky, Host

Sean Kravetsky, Host“We can turn words into action. Earth Summit, 2012″.
Sean Kravetsky is the co-founder of ZeeSee Productions and host and co-producer of The Big Picture. He is currently creating a mental shift across the globe and spoke at the March 2011 IIFF meeting about producing content that sells. Sean’s main goal is to change the way the world thinks while spreading positivity and encouraging an optimistic shift in society.

Zara Durrani, Host

Zara Duranni, Host“We can come together and allow our voices to be heard and create a better future for everyone.” 
Pakistani-born TV host, model and actor Zara Durrani is one of the reporters for We Canada. This versatile talent is also a yoga teacher in Vancouver. She was the lead in Sindoor, the short film, and the in-house host for the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival and producer/host of the TV show VanEssence. Zara is an activist for women’s, children’s and immigration rights and founder of Inspired Life Productions.